I am Maria Steffani, welcome to my site, I am glad you are here. I was born in Bulgaria, studied in Italy and now reside in London. My journey to becoming who I am today has spanned many countries, my working backstage at countless fashion weeks in London and Milan, modeling to keep things going and having the honor of working beside McQueen.

I create for the purpose of empowering women. I want to make you feel confident so that you are able to achieve your goals. Each collection is geared toward making silhouettes that are elegant but simplistic. Pieces you can throw on and with little to no effort looking stunning. Messy hair is my trademark – I believe it’s these imperfections that allow women to be themselves and with that all the more perfect.

I’m often asked from where I draw my inspiration, whether working in my studio in London or with my team in Bulgaria, my eyes are open. It can be something small - a gesture, a word, a detail in someone’s outfit. I am always sketching and I write everyday. Ideas come and go quickly, so it’s important to capture them straight away.

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