We all know how it is. About 99,9% of our mornings end in the same way; you snoozed one time too many, took a waaay too long shower, couldn’t decide what to wear, and here you are once again running late with no time left to do your make up.

Even though we say embrace your natural beauty and skip brushing your hair until it looks like a shiny rainbow, we must admit that a little make up could never hurt nobody and it could even add to your already badass style. +45 3920 2224


So what to do when you have no time and don’t have the skills of a make up artist?! Well, take a look at the video below where the Norwegian beauty blogger Sara Rostrup shows us a quick and super easy way (promise EVERYONE can make this look happen!) to make those smoky eyes going!



Easy peasy don’t you think?! So forget those oh-so-fab-but-a-little-bit-boring naked eyes tomorrow morning (or why not for this weekend’s party??), and go all in with this smashing look instead, cause admit it: who doesn’t wanna look like Kate Moss?





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Or are you the exception from the rest of us and actually have more time to put into your makeup routine? Then we have the perfect step-by-step guide on how to create the perfect smoky eye look!
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