With tons of talented people out there is for sure not easy to make it today. Someone who defo know about this is Jasmine: a badass singer/songwriter who has managed to escape the north of Sweden for the London life, where she is signed with EMG.

We took the chance to find out more about this empowering woman over a coffee, where she told us everything about the importance of staying true to herself and telling a story even if the songs are “dance friendly”. And of course she also gave us some peaks into her private life including how she once ate half a bucket of jalapenos, so keep on reading to get a full dose of inspo and some tips of how to make it in the music industry!




How would you describe yourself using only one sentence?
A “little bit” confusing – I’m very complex and complicated, I’m weird in the weirdest way.

How did your interest for music start?
I think when it started for real was when I started keeping a diary when I was 5/6 years old. My diary grew into songs. It wasn’t that much about that I like singing, more that I wanted to do something creative with my writing. Otherwise, I was watching videos of Britney Spears and Michael Jackson; haha it was that era.

How did you end up in London?
EMG called me, we had a meeting in Sweden and I had to move here because I was going to work here too much. I travelled between Sweden and London for a while, but it was too much.

Tell us 3 things about you that people don’t know
I’m terrible at navigating, I’m a day dreamer, and a lot of people probably know about this but I’m a horrible morning person, I can’t wake up and I’m extremely moody.




Where do you find inspiration?
Purely from my life. People inspire me; if I have someone that inspires me I write more. It’s when you connect with someone and they make you feel something, they don’t even have to make me happy.

Is there a particular message you want to pass through your music?
It’s gonna sound cliché but I’m a feminist and I want to encourage women to stand up for themselves: Girl Power!

What does your soundtrack sound like at the moment?
Probably a bit like “Fight Song” by Rachel Platten. It’s basically about picking yourself up: I’m blessed to have this opportunity but it is a fight everyday.

What would you do if you weren’t in the music industry?
I would be studying journalism, cause I’m a writer. Actually I still have a column in a Swedish newspaper.




True and false about the music industry?
I’ve been working in studios before I got signed, and trust me it takes much longer to record and finish a song than you think. One song is gonna take at least 24 hours. Otherwise it’s true that you need to stand up for yourself, style wise and when it comes to image: they gonna tell you “no you can’t have that tattoo” and so on. Once when I was working with a stylist she brought clothes that were too small on purpose, and she was like “No worries, you can loose that weight!”. It wasn’t my manager or the team but particularly that stylist, so she ended up getting fired.

Do you get nervous?
Oh yes, I have a bit of stage fright. I’ve been competing in talent shows since I was a kid – wasn’t nervous at first but then I started realizing what was happening. It’s not about the people more about the pressure I put on myself: I really need to prepare in order to be relaxed.

How do you pick yourself up on a bad day?
I don’t. If you have a bad day you have a bad day. I let myself feel down; all the best songs are born through heartbreak. Sadness it’s though but true and you need to take advantage of that.

What’s your favourite memory?
It’s gonna be very cliché. I would say the first real date I had with my current boyfriend: we met here in England, he’s from Ireland, and I was determined to only focus on my career, but he kept chasing me. Then we had our first real date in Stratford, we went to this diner and had some pines and burgers (and I ate a half bucket of jalapenos). We ended up at Brick Lane and got a lot of tequila cause I wanted to prove that I could drink more than him, and after that I was kind of hooked (and started writing happy songs again haha)!




How would you describe your style?
Probably 90% of my wardrobe is crop tops: I’m obsessed! So to that I also have a lot of high waist pants. I used to be all black but I’ve come to being a very colourful person and I love sparkly stuff. I’m probably more feminine since I moved to London: more grown up and glammy.

What’s your favourite hangout/restaurant/club in London?
Clubs: cirque le soir, I love the theme! I’m super afraid of clowns but they have a freaking ball pit (I was 5 again)! Otherwise just any small cosy pub cause it’s more social: like the local pub. And for food I have so many places I like but the Beigel place at Brick Lane takes it all.

What tip could you give to an aspiring artist?
We live in a world where everything is about social media, so it’s not enough to just stand around the streets with your guitar. You should definitely use that. Also try something original, cause that’s the only way to break through: you really have to find your own thing, your style. Don’t try to copy and don’t care about what people are gonna think about your writing – the most important thing as a song writer is to write for yourself. That’s how it’s gonna appear as genuine. And don’t change your way of doing your music when you start get a bit successful.

Thanks Jasmine, and lastly, where do you see yourself in 5 years?
I might not be alive in 5 years so I don’t know haha. No, actually it’s really hard because you never know where you’re gonna live, but hopefully I have released a full album by then, been touring a bit, and I do want to live in Notting Hill for some reason, so I do want to have my own flat there.


Want to see more of Jasmine? Check out her instagram @jasmineisabellaaa and stay tuned for her EP getting released in March as well as her new website!




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