It is Wednesday, which means it is time for this week’s new Foxy !

I caught up with Tanya over a fresh green juice/tanning session in Brixton.

It tasted like summer and oh boy, did it not feel like it..

Meet Tanya everyone:

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Name: Tanya Stephenson

Profession: Production Manager / Theatre Designer

My style.. seemingly practical, but generally anything colourful and loose-fitting that’s heavier on the top. I try to show off my legs when I can.

Tell us something special about yourself: I have been very lucky enough to have worked and travelled around the world, seen some of the most amazing cities, but couldn’t move out of the place I grew up in if someone paid me.

Favourite quote/motto: “It’s not a silly question if you can’t answer it.” 

Favourite film/ book/ song: Inception / Sophie’s World (above quote) / White Rabbit (Jefferson Airplane)

What inspires /motivates you ? Having friends who do all sorts of different things. Not just mates in the theatre industry. I reckon my life would become pretty stale if I did.

What’s the first thing about a man that catches your attention? Artistic tendencies

What interests you ? Live music and live performance. With ‘liveness’, comes the potential for a spectacle that you can only witness first-hand. If you weren’t there then you missed it. But also with ‘liveness’, comes the potential for chaos. And that’s secretly what we all want to see!

Your happiest memory ? Sitting on top of Nunhead Reservoir last summer

Current obsession ?  Hunting for a new bike

Favorite hangouts…  Streatham Rookery, Brockwell Park and Tooting Bec Lido

Guilty pleasure…  anything from Vijaya Krishna in Tooting

I can’t live without…  my stupid friends

You could find Tanya* here: