It’s not everyday that you come across someone who is a happy vegan caring for animal rights, who is one of Shoreditch’s best hair dressers, AND who has a totally unique badass style all at once. So when we met Sebastian who is exactly all that, we just had to take the opportunity to sit down for a quick Q/A with him.

Cool, nice and interesting: yes, this guy has it all! So have a peak into his mind as we promise you that this guy, with his extreme one-of-a-kind don’t-mess-with-me style, will hit you with his sweet and absolutely charming personality!



Name: Sebastian Garcia (or Seb C Bien)

Profession: Salon Manager at Muku Hair in Shoreditch

My style: Freak, punk, rock, goth

Tell us something special about yourself: I am a happy vegan, trying to save the animals from this cruel world



Favourite quote/motto: Everything has beauty, but everyone doesn’t see it

Favorite film/book/song: Films by Tim Burton/ anything written by Dominic Lyne (my boyfriend)/ music from the band Volbeat

What inspires/motivates you? Animals, nature, my dog, my friends

What’s the first thing about a man that catches your attention? His mouth and eyes

What interests you? Zombies, music, animal rights



Your happiest memory: When I came to live in London and had to leave my dog in Barcelona for a month while getting all the papers ready, the day I got him back was magical

Favorite hangouts: Camden, North London

Guilty pleasure: Watching tacky French TV shows

I can’t live without: Music



Wanna see more of Sebastian and his life, or maybe take the opportunity of getting a new hair style (you won’t be disappointed!)?

Follow Sebastian (and check out his talented writer boyfriend) on instagram: @sebastiancbien, and

And have a look at the Muku Hair Salon at: or

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