Christmas is just around the corner and as usual during this time of the year it can be kind of hectic, especially when it comes to finding something special to give to your loved ones.

So to ease it up for you the Maria Steffani team has created a small gift guide for you with some unique pieces perfect for all of your badass friends. Take a look below at the things that we ourselves wouldn’t mind finding underneath the Christmas tree!


Whether your nearest and dearest are super busy, stay at home kittens or out exploring the world you can find something suiting for them in this quick list:

1. How to be Parisian – Just a French très cool book that never goes wrong (and don’t miss the video here)

2. #GIRLBOSS – Because every badass needs inspo and Sophia Amorusou is defo one to count on for that, check out the website here

3. Maria Steffani Carrie Slip Dress – Our very own slip dress: who have missed the slip dresses coming big this spring? -> perfect present!! (And you haven’t missed that right now you can get 30% off on all your Maria Steffani favourites at ASOS with the code ‘SANTABABY’ right?)

4. Urban Outfitters Bralettes – what better way to layer up that slipdress?

5. Charlotte Simone Fluffy ‘Candy Cane’ Accessory – cause who doesn’t love a fun, fluffy ‘companion’?

6. Instant Lomography Camera – a polaroid camera that you know for sure will be the great party saver (seriously, who doesn’t want one?!!)

7. Haati Chai Body Jewellery – just hands down amazing under (and without) your backless dress! Check out the creator’s instagram @stellasimona

8. Maria Steffani Essa Dress – A sexy, backless safecard: once you go black, you never go back!


There you go, happy shopping babies!

Tesere F. Osefidibuca