October is here and we can definitely feel the change of seasons. The days become shorter, the mornings become chillier and even the clouds seems rainier.

I think we all know the feeling of waking up way too early only to find the rain smattering on our windows and it’s pitch dark outside. No, we don’t want to leave that bed, and if we must could we at least be aloud to stay in our PJ’s??!

So if you like us want to keep your badass style on point while getting a comfy, more fall friendly look, take a look below for a great tip on how to dress in this time of transition.

Badasschic SILKY

Do a two-in-one by getting inspired by the fashionistas’ at the moment maybe favourite way of dressing AND pick up on this fall’s turtleneck trend with our SILKY Tunic Top. Layered up or on its own, this look will take you through the whole day till your dinner date at night, keeping you chic and still feeling almost as comfy as you still were in those PJ’s.

Keep it easy yet badass by going all black, pairing the top with a pair of boots and some leather pants or thin tights. Or, for the one who still wants to dare the weather and sex the look up even more – go all in with bare legs.

So now you’re all sett for October babies!


Find your SILKY Tunic Top in the link below:


Tesere F. Osefidibuca