Nothing to do this weekend? No worries, we got it all covered for you! Released earlier this summer, the documentary IRIS is with no doubt worth checking out if you missed it.


In a time when the fashion industry seems to go nuts for the oldie but goldies, with Saint Laurent using Joni Mitchell as a model and Céline featuring Joan Didion as their newest face in the beginning of the year, 2015 couldn’t been a better time for the movie about fashion icon and legend Iris Apfel to come out.

Showing us that it’s more than possible to still have it at an age of 93, this super cool donna with the most fabulous personality preaches individuality, criticizing how everything looks the same these days and letting us in on her own approach to fashion and dressing: “I don’t have any rules, I would keep breaking them so it’s a waste of time” – well that’s an attitude we like!

Photo: Gat Production & Kino Smith

Who said you can’t be stylish without being modelesque? Well, it wasn’t Iris! Pretty doesn’t cut it in the eyes of this fashionista who says as she never been pretty she had to develop something else to keep her interesting – her style – which have kept her going in the long run (and we must agree it has worked out for her so far).


“I don’t happen to like pretty, most of the world isn’t with me, but I don’t care.”


So go on extending your cultural references on Netflix this Sunday by get inspired by Iris’ remarkable wardrobe and style, while boosting your own self confidence at the same time. We just have one thing to say: way to go Iris!

Still not convinced this is a fab one to watch? Take a look at the trailer below:

Want more of Iris? Check out her Instagram @iris.apfel

Tesere F. Osefidibuca