Tide up hairdos in all its glory, but there’s nothing hotter than some messed up but oh so fabulous I-don’t-give-a-shit hair. If you’re not convinced just take a look below at our top 3 messy hairdos for everyday!

Bild11. Nothing is as easy as a casual bun – make it messy by keeping it loose and let the hair come off here and there.

Bild22. Want to hot up your everyday ponytail a notch? Just make a loose ponytail, divide the hair into two parts before the elastic to make a whole, pull through the rest of the hair and you now have a cool twist! Make it tousled to add some messiness

Bild33. Not an updo person? No worries, just make some loose waves or braid your hair over the night, add some hairspray, mess it up with your fingers and your done!


There you go babies: messy hair for every day! And best thing is you don’t need any refined skills to do it!

Tesere F. Osefidibuca