No one is likely to have missed that Valentine’s is coming right up this Sunday, and even though this beloved day is dreaded by many we just can’t stay away from commenting on it. But don’t worry too much, we promise to not give another guide of the perfect valentine gift to your one and only love. 😉

Instead, we say that this Valentine we all should go all in empowering ourselves (#girlboss) by giving our special love to ourselves no matter what kind of love life we have at the moment (it’s still ok to show your appreciation to your loved ones too though, just don’t forget about yourself…).




So why not relax a little extra this Sunday with a nice long breakfast in bed with your favourite magazine or book? Take an extra long shower and spend as much time in the bathroom as you wish. And, just because it’s Valentine’s and we all know that in the end you are the only true love in your life that for sure will last forever, treat yourself with some new lacy underwear or a sexy dress (or both for that case), just because you are you.

With that we at Maria Steffani want to wish you all a fantastic Valentine’s day filled with love. And lastly, don’t forget that happy girls are the prettiest!



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Tesere F. Osefidibuca