The trend of places hiding unexpected secret bars, making us feel like we’re part of an exclusive members-only club, is exploding all over the globe. And honestly, who is there to judge: we all secretly love secrets right? (Yes, couldn’t resist that cliché)

Whether you’re off on a vacay or still wandering the streets of London, there are plenty of hyped places for you to have a drink at. Find the whole list with the best worldwide tips here, and continue reading for our top 4 London tips!


Unknown1. The Mayor of Scaredy Cat Town, East London

As a part of the Breakfast Club, the place “The Mayor of Scaredy Cat Town” has a secret: behind that retro look a bar is hiding! Yes, just step through that fridge and there you go! But make sure to go a few at a time, as the place is very popular and doesn’t take any reservations.

Location: 12-16 Artillery Lane, E1 7LS,

Opening hours: Monday-Thursday 5pm-12am, Friday 3 pm-12am, Saturday 12pm-12am, Sunday 12pm-10.30pm


2d0ca0315d354858913a507c6fd602852. Upstairs at Callooh Callay, East London

Ranked as one of the world’s best bars, Callooh Callay of course has a special twist: it’s own Narnia with a wardrobe leading to a second bar. And as if two bars in one place weren’t good enough, there of course is a third one! Unfortunately that one in fact is for members only, however it won’t hurt to up your game by becoming a loyal customer so make sure to book asap as the place is very popular!

Location: 65 Rivington St, London EC2A 3AY,

Opening hours: Monday-Wednesday 6pm-12am, Thursday-Sunday 6pm-1am



3. Danger of Death, East London

Underneath a coffee shop at famous Brick Lane you can access this secret bar as long as you have the right password for the switches in the electrical cupboard. Yes, it’s a members-only and we wouldn’t recommend playing with that cupboard if you don’t have the skills (the name says it all). But at least now you know what to look for in the hopes of one day becoming one of those lucky few!

Location: Brick Lane, London E1,

Opening hours: Wednesday-Saturday 6pm-1am



4. Call Me Mr Lucky, South London

Speaking of luck, the Breakfast Club does it again! At this place (where you don’t need any special relationships to get access) you will be led to a bar with a drink wheel of fortune (that only makes it worth a visit!) if you just know the magic words! And luckily, now you do: just tell the staff ”I’m here to get lucky” and they will lead you through the kitchen to this magic place!

Location: 11 Southwark Street, SE1 1RQ,

Opening hours: Monday-Wednesday 5pm-12am, Thursday-Saturday 3pm-1am, Sunday 5pm-11pm



To find out more ”top secret” places both in London and abroad, check out the Stylist article here: Stylist – Secret Bars

Tesere F. Osefidibuca