In these hectic days right before Christmas when deadlines, exams and so on are coming up faster then we could have imagined, it is for sure easy to feel a bit uninspired and to have a lack of inspiration. So why not take a quick break from whatever big task that you’re so behind with that absolutely CAN’T WAIT (yes, we’re saying you should let it wait anyway), and boost your self motivation with this online interview with Leandra Medine, the woman behind the blog Man Repeller.




Quirky, humorous and truly awesome; that’s the right words for describing Leandra, who started the blog in 2010 after discovering the sweet life of being her own editor. Since then she also managed to become a journalist for major fashion magazines, write the book ‘Man Repeller: Seeking, Love. Finding Overalls’, and become a true success with her hilarious way of writing in the so serious fashion world – you go girl!

Throughout the interview, we get a peak inside Leandra’s mind and how she sees the blog as a “safe place for women” where female intellect is celebrated, and that simply is a testimony of that women are awesome (what’s not to like about that?!). She also gives us tips on how to make it in the fashion industry, where she specially points at the power of social media and the importance of reading books (bet you all will grab a book over Netflix tonight…).




Overall, Leandra is down to earth and insist on the importance of not taking yourself too seriously, as she describes herself as an “outsider in fashion” who got access to the inside of the industry only to “report out to the rest of the outside people”. And even when talking about her down periods she’s joking, referring to her habit of falling into a black hole of hating herself about every 3 months as “growing pains”.




So hopefully you can take a way a piece of advice and new inspiration when you go on working on that deadline now, and not panic too much over you non-existing future plans as Leandra herself says that she has no idea of where she will be in 5 years, she just hopes not dead. And finally when life is feeling hectic, remember: “the only thing worse than being busy is being bored”!


Watch the full interview below:


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Tesere F. Osefidibuca