Hey all !

Each week I am going to introduce you to an interesting, cool new foxy & their style. So here we go..

I met this young lady for a chat, which later turned into a skipping session around the area of Notting Hill and its pastel coloured houses.
Meet Mena, our first Foxy of the week:



Name: Mena Pie
Profession: Hula Hooper, Blogger & Vlogger
My style..Boho Chic with a sport Luxe twist – I like wearing comfy casual clothes, leggings and ripped jeans teamed up with a crop top, crystal necklaces and lots of rings. I either wear black boots or trainers. My favourites at the moment are my vintage white Adidas all stars. So fresh!
Tell us something special about yourself: I’ve spent most of my life performing on stage dancing all kinds of dance! I get so nervous beforehand but as soon as I hit the stage all my butterflies go and it feels amazing!
Favourite quote/motto: “ Don’t let anyone ever dull your sparkle” by Robin Williams
Favourite film/ book/ song: Film: Pulp Fiction / Book: The Hunger Games / Song: Stolen Dance by Milky Chance
What inspires /motivates you ? Travelling and immersing myself in different cultures. It really pushes all my creative buttons and gives me such a rush! I’ve got the travel bug 😉
What’s the first thing about a man that catches your attention? The first thing that caught my attention when I saw my now boyfriend of 4 years was his big blue retro adidas bag and his sexy 3 day beard. We went to the same university and took the same seminars. I was a bit nosy and asked him why he had such a big bag. He said he had left his rucksack on the train and and the only other bag he owned was his big blue Adidas one.. I guess it’s the quirks that catch my attention! 3 day beards and big blue bags?! haha
What interests you ? I’m a real foodie and love trying out new restaurants and cuisines! If I’m not inventing weird and wonderful recipes at home I’ll be out hunting down the best burger in the city! So far it’s Yeah! Burger in Kings Cross… OH MY! Other than food I am really getting into herbal remedies and crystal healing! I love my precious stones and crystals.
Your happiest memory ? That’s a tough one, there are so many! It would probably have to be one from my travels. I remember riding on a moped through the hills of Northern Thailand last year. The views were breathtaking and not a single photo could capture the amazing light and moment. I was so happy I went and got a tattoo saying ‘happy’ the following day. Now that memory is with me forever!
Current obsession ?  Watching the whole box set of Friends every night with my boyfriend! Love it. Oh and I have a bit of a thing for braids and balancing pineapples on my head whenever I see one.
Favorite hangouts…I lived in Berlin for a chunk of my life and so hanging out there is one of my favourite pass times. Mein Haus am See Cafe is the best for lounging and drinking coffee on a rainy day. Their DJ sets are awesome. Otherwise I just love hanging out with friends wherever there is a beautiful view. Rooftops are always good!
Guilty pleasure… SMELLY CHEESE! Port Salut mmhmmm nom nom.
I can’t live without…My Camera. Though if I had to, well…I’ve invented a way to capture moments in case no camera is at hand. OK I’ll tell you… just double blink. It will stay in your mind and heart forever if you want it to!



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*Mena is wearing ESSA Dress