Living at various places all over the globe is definitely the best way of getting in touch with different cultures and finding out who yourself are. Living proof of this is Yuliya, who’ve been traveling the world since a young age. Throughout her journey she has come across the gender differences out there, which she has transferred into her work as a visual artist and jewellery designer.

As we at Maria Steffani believes in empowering the woman, it didn’t take us long to decide that this lady is someone we want to know more about. So take a look below at the interview with did with Yuliya and enjoy the ride into her “la-la land”!




Name: Yuliya Dan

Profession: visual artist & jewellery designer/maker

My style: is classy, because it’s original black

Tell us something special about yourself: I run on coffee, intelligent conversations, wicked sense of humor, good music, books and his/her fingers in my panties.




Favourite quote/motto: intelligence is sexy

Favourite film/ book/ song: films by Wes Anderson, Woody Allen, old 50s & 60s black and white pictures.

Books by Russian writes of 19th century. It’s my food for soul.

Songs – from old jazz Nina Simone, Ella Fitzgerald to beginning of rock late 60s-early 70s, to post rock, indie rock. Music is always mood dependant thing and can transform you, make you or break you. At least that is what I like to believe.

la femme borders


What inspires /motivates you? Women with a story to tell: from iconic characters to a girl next door. I believe we all have multiple personalities and I find it fascinating how women manage to juggle them all.

What’s the first thing about a man that catches your attention? The ability to know, when be a gentleman and when to be a rebel.

What interests you? Everything. You never know where the stroke of genius will strike. But right now I find the journey on “how to be a woman in a post-feminist, asexual world” mostly fascinating. And that’s what my art is all about. Being her.




Your happiest memory? “Growing up” in Japan, learning how to connect with the nature in “Cape Town”, New York music scene, China for teaching me how to push my limits, and London – for finding my feet, learning who I am.

Current obsession? The world of my art, my la-la land, and my bittersweet escape from reality. My paintings and my jewellery are my “made up” world and I feel very lucky to be waking up to it everyday, creating something with my heart and hands.




Favourite hangouts: coffee places, old jazz venues, bookstores and art galleries.

Guilty pleasure: Beautiful lacy underwear. I believe you can never have enough.

I can’t live without: good book, cup of coffee, ink on my fingers and my head in the clouds, music, good company and trips to new fascinating places.


Want to see more of Yuliya and her work? Check out her sites yuliyadan.com and fem-mania.com, and follow her on instagram @yuliyadanart!

And btw, don’t miss out of her Art Jewellery launch that will take place in March. Just follow Yuliya on instagram or keep an eye on her site for updates. Or, if you want the info straight to you, email her at info@yuliyadan.com to be added on to her mailing list! 😉

Tesere F. Osefidibuca