Arts & Hearts with Ella

June..Officially Summer, officially time to get out, have more adventures, more rose, more & more of what makes you feel alive.

Book a ticket, grab your bestie and go get in trouble, but before that -meet our new foxy – the person I sometimes call ‘dude’, ‘bitch’ & the one I send retarded pictures to. The friend that has become family…

Meet my BFF – ELLA :

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Profession: Writer

My style: I can’t define it but it usually has to correspond with the period of my life or my mood in order for me to feel comfortable in what I’m wearing.

Tell us something special about yourself: I’ve hit so many rock bottoms and I’ve always made it back up. Whatever happens in life and whatever mistakes we make, improving ourselves is a very long journey and constantly surviving through obstacles or heartbreaks is something pretty special about all of us.

Favourite quote/motto: Follow your heart.

Favourite film/book/song: American Beauty/The Picture of Dorian Gray/Depeche Mode – Enjoy the Silence

What inspires/motivates you: People, books and emotions inspire me, but I find it harder to get motivated. I think that big changes or strong experiences that either cause extreme joy or pain can be motivators for me.

What’s the first thing in a man that catches your attention: Manners.

What interests you: The soul, feelings, digging behind the surfaces and beyond the depths, understanding people, learning how to grow and be a better person.

Your happiest memory: Being told that I have inspired someone.

Current obsession: Love.

Favourite hangouts: I usually hang out in Chelsea and since the summer is coming (hopefully!), I’d say The Anglesea Arms.

Guilty pleasure: No pleasure should be guilty.

I can’t live without: The Sun.

You could find Ella* and her work here:

*wearing our LOLA Dress