As London seems to have decided to constantly fool us giving us the expectation of a sunny and warm spring day every morning, just to later surprise us with cold winds and rain (thanks a lot weather gods), we at Maria Steffani can’t help but to dream of warmer days.

To satisfy our cravings of higher temperatures and sun, we are constantly browsing for destinations to go for a quick get-away and later on for a longer summer vacation. Not necessarily making you feel better for the moment, but hey who can blame us for dreaming (?), we are happy to share with you Travel + Leisure’s A-list of places to go to in 2016 for some inspo of where to escape the grey clouds of London.


Whether you want to stay close to home or go to other continents, there’s for sure something for you on that list. Our favourites? Nr 40, 36 and 32 on the list – with other words Borneo, Belize and Costa Rica.

And of course, we have the perfect summer pieces to give you a badass, relaxed and fashionable style. And with some sun on our skin, salt water in our hair and a good fruity drink nothing can go wrong!


So sorry for transferring our extreme summer craving to you guys, but hopefully we’ll all go on a dreamy vacay very soon.


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Tesere F. Osefidibuca