Nothing planned this weekend except being glued to your phone for the latest fashion week updates? Well, if you have your way around South Kensington we suggest you take a quick break from the internet and go get your cultural dose in real life at the Saatchi Gallery.



In the mark of the gallery’s 30th anniversary coming up, Saatchi wants to bring some new attention to the art world. And what better way to start this with than its very first all-female exhibition (yep, haven’t been done yet!).


The exhibit is called ‘Champagne Life’ after the artist Julia Watchel’s image of no other than Kim K and Kanye placed upside down next to Minnie Mouse. Except for Watchel, 13 other emerging female artists of all ages have been giving the opportunity to showcase their work at Saatchi and will hopefully grow within the male-dominated (sadly, what industry isn’t?) contemporary art world as a result.




We say bravo Saatchi, couldn’t come sooner! And to you guys: have a peak of some of our favs here but we promise you it’s much better live! (It will only run until the 6th of March, so hurry up!)





Read more about the different artists and get more information here!


Tesere F. Osefidibuca