BRI – Badass Of The Month

Hang in there it’s Thursday –  the longest work week ever (aka every week) is almost over and yes, we are daydreaming of boozy bruches in the sun already!

But come back to reality everyone – we have a dose of pure organic inspiration, someone worth your attention!

A girl who is not afraid to push boundaries and chase goals.

SHE has a distinctive style, enormous passion for what she does and guess what – she is self-taught!

Meet BRIONY, a total Badass and our MUSE of the month..


Name: Briony

Profession: Photographer

My style is.. A combination of Candid, Fashion, Portraits with a touch of voyeurism

Tell us something special about yourself: I am self-taught

Favourite quote/motto: The only way to get smarter is by playing a smarter opponent.

Muses ? @mariussperlich @kid_richards @nastia.jpg @sarahbahbah

What motivates you ? I genuinely love what I do. Since I decided to work for myself and do photography full time there has not been one day where I don’t wake up excited to work. Working hard to see results is very motivating for me.

How do you keep fit (mind, body, etc.) ? My life coach is magical. Being an entrepreneur and working by yourself most of the time can get kind of lonely, having a healthy balance and someone to just talk to, whether it is about work, relationships or anything, is important. I have to be physically active every other day, if not every, it allows me to focus and release any stress.

What’s the first thing about a man that grabs your attention? Ambition

What is Bri’s typical day like ? Wake up at 7, Make shakes, emails, gym, emails, lunch, shoot, emails/meeting, shoot, more work, dinner, work and bed hahaha I most definitely work too much after re reading this.

How do you relax  ? Editing Photos and working out.

Current obsession ?  Video

What was the last thing you Googled ?…where to find the dog mask from the Daft Punk video.

Where do you shop ? F as in Frank

Favorite hangouts…  Anywhere with good wifi that can handle large image uploads…and my living room.

Guilty pleasure… Double stuffed oreos

I can’t live without… My camera

Your piece of advice on how to stay badass :

Not succeeding is not an option for me. I believe that anything and everything can be changed to what you want it to be. If you are not in a good place or unhappy the only person who can fix that is you. Being mindful of your inner and outer atmosphere is key to success. Also surround yourself with like minded ambitious people, if you have someone negative in your life you absorb that bad energy and it affects you.


Where can we find you ?


Insta: @dontfeedtheunicorn