3 Cool Things You Should Know About This Week

It is almost Christmas, everyone is rushing and pushing – getting ready for all the fiestas, food comas and finally some family time.

So easy to sink into mulled wine and shiny decorations, that you might lose track on upcoming cool stuff. But hey, no stress.. we looked around and found bits for everyone to check out and look forward to.. here we go:


For the fashionistas.. 



Now this one is exciting!

Editor of VOGUE Italia since 1988, creative genius and a massive inspiration, FRANCA SOZZANI is coming up-close and personal with us, in a documentary portrayed by her son Francesco Carrozzini.

Expect not only behind the scenes, but dark sides coming to light, secrets revealed all sorts of intimate moments.

Intriguing, right ?!

Here is what Francesco Carrozzini said on it, courtesy of Dazed digital:







For the fashion/artsy babes..



Iconic German fine art and fashion photographer Juergen Teller on display at Alison Jacques Gallery in London. Provocative, slightly awkward and funny, his works can never get mistaken. Here is a bit from himself via Dazed:


Is there something you like about the image/text relationship?
Juergen Teller: I was very interested in showing my work to a broader public – Die Zeit reaches two million people. I felt like I was back in school, with homework to do every week. I started to really enjoy that, and was sometimes able to write two or three in a row when it was flowing. Otherwise on Monday I’d be thinking, ‘Fuck, what am I writing?’

Was narrative always been part of your work?
Juergen Teller: There is always a story to tell, some funny thing like when I shot OJ Simpson – strange, bizarre, boring, exciting things. It’s an adventure when you do a shoot. I believe I invite this openness with people where they do things for me, or tell me things.

Does that come down to what the camera can do?
Juergen Teller: It’s the thing itself. I wouldn’t dream of saying to Charlotte Rampling, ‘Can I kiss you and fondle your breasts?’ You know? But in this adventure we’re doing with the camera, you’re making a fairytale, a visual fairytale…

It gives you permission to step outside what’s accepted?
Juergen Teller: To a certain extent, yeah.


Exhibition runs only until 7th January so if you are in town, don’t get too lazy and go check it out, it’s pretty cool.




Last but least, for the ones looking for a fresh cool faces and tunes..


Check out this new cool kid, we can’t wait to hear his debut album in early 2017, trust us..it is going to be a big one (remember we spotted Lily-Rose Depp before the hype heh) !!

Stay tuned (literally) and follow his journey on Instagram:





Hope you managed to grab some inspo from our selection and remember..2016 is not over yet, so don’t waste a whole few weeks in waiting for the new year!

Get out there, break some rules, explore and don’t forget to kick ass !

Now that’s a good start!